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Posted 15 hours ago Education
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Best time for schooling ..need suggestion

Hey guys good morning ..what s the best age for schooling..my baby s 2 years nd 1 month ..can I sent him in play school...

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Congratulations for motherhood dear I also have same confusion then my friends advised me that 2+ s a best time for play school ..in this age they starts going school ,sitting without parents for 2 3 hours, in play school... See more
Drishti Singh 15 hours ago

Posted 15 hours ago Beauty & Lifestyle
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Dry nd dull skin as winter starts. Pls suggest good moisturizer

Guys can u pls tell my skin became soo dry nd dull as winter starts..I m using vaseline body lotion ..but still same..???? pls suggest good moisturizer which makes my skin soft nd shiny..

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Hey dear yes winters starts nd skin start becoming dry nd dull it's common.. .that's why as I winters starts using panacea premium moisturizer nd jajoba shea body butter by pure... See more
Drishti Singh 15 hours ago

Posted 3 days ago Beauty & Lifestyle
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Winters starts nd facing dandruff issue ..

Hey guys I m facing dandruff issue as winters starts nd dandruff starts . Pls suggest good shampoo nd oil too ..thank u in advance..

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Yes dear in winters dandruff nd itching started ..its due to dryness..till last year I also facing same issue then my sister in law advised me to use mamaearth lemon anti dandruff... See more
Priya Dhawal 3 days ago

Posted 3 days ago Pregnancy
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Pregnancy time nd facing back nd neck pain..

I m in 2 trimester nd facing back pain nd neck pain ..not able to sleep ,sit properly ..what should I do..can i apply moov or idonex. ..pls suggest

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Congratulations for pregnancy dear due to physical changes back nd neck pain s common in pregnancy . Dont worry .but avoid using moov or any pain relief balm it could harm the unborn child or... See more
Kritika Mittal 3 days ago

Posted 4 days ago Child Care
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Dry skin pls suggest good moisturizer

My babies skin s soo dry as winter has started in north india. Pls suggest good lotion which has natural indigents..pls suggest..

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Hey congratulations for motherhood dear yes its winter started I also start using body lotion for my kids..I also have confusion my friends advised me to... See more
Bhakti Gujjar 3 days ago

Posted a week ago Child Care
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Frequent poop in infant. Need suggestion...

Hllo moms my baby s 2 months old nd doing 6 7 times poop in 1 day ..should I consult to pediatrician. I m a new mom so not able to know what s problem..

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Hii dear my baby s also small as baby s depended on my feed too .same happens to my baby . I afraid too I consult to my pediatrician he tells me the baby who s depended on milk whether breast milk or... See more
Priya Dhawal a week ago

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