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My elder one s 3 years old. He s weak according to his age group ..I want to start health drink . Horlicks ,peadiasure or bournvita which one s safe for kids any one pls give me advise..

was asked a year ago 1 advice Child Care
Hey dear as a mother I understand ur suitation but dear health drinks as hournvita,peadiasure or any health drinks s not safe as its contains sugar nd preservatives which s not safe 4 kids so avoid it ..instead of health drink give almond milk ,fruit shakes ,dry fruit powder nd mix in milk nd give it to ur kid .its safe ,healthy nd helpful in weight gains too..nd wit this add green vegetables fresh fruits nuts ,oats ,ragi ,ghee ,paneer in diet it's also helpful in Increasing weight try it ..I also give all these to my kids too .u can try it dear..
Kritika Mittal a year ago

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