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Hey moms ..my bhabhi have 2months old baby. Dr s saying babies weight a low .how to increase babies weight

was asked a year ago 1 advice Child Care
Hi dear we need to understand that every baby is different. Some r average weight. Some on higher side while others on lower side. If baby is active n feeding well I don't find any issue. However if u still want a solution then I would say feed breastmilk. As breast milk or formula milk is the primary source of nutrition for babies in the first few months of life. Breast milk contains all the necessary nutrients and antibodies to support healthy growth and development.

Next is feeding on demand means feeding your baby whenever they are hungry. Newborns have small stomachs, and they need to feed frequently, typically every 2-3 hours.

Adequate sleep is essential for babies to support healthy growth and development. Make sure your baby is getting enough sleep during the day and night.

Be patient n follow for couple of weeks n see the results. Ideally babies should gain weight at an average rate of 20gm per day . If still not happening please check with the doctor.

Shweta Agrawal a year ago

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