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Hey moms need suggestion what should I give to my 1+year baby .confusion abht babies food ..

was asked a year ago 1 advice Child Care
Hii dear ur baby s big now u should give 3 times breast milk or cow milk nd 3 times proper food .as food s very nesasary for kids all over development ..add bread butter ,cheese wit bread ,allo sandwich, allo ,meethi ,gobi ,paneer paratha ,egg wit bread ,all green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts ,oats, ragi ,daliya ,plain kichri ,veg kichri ,mong dal nd all dals in diet ,add curd ,buttermilk ,coconut water in diet too .nd make sure there should be at least 2 to 3 hours between 2 meal so that baby can digest food easily nd give 3 ounces water in a day..try it
Priya Dhawal a year ago

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