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Hllo moms i need 1, suggestion as my baby s 3 months old nd i m not getting suffient breast milk nd baby s always crying for milk ..which formula milk s safe nd may i know is cow s safe fpr baby ..pls help..

was asked 10 months ago 1 advice Child Care
Hey congratulatiin for motherhood dear cow milk s not safe for under 1year babies so avoid it . give only breast milk untill baby completed 6 months. So take healthy diet as take sharavar churn wit milk twice a day , add butter, paneer , ghee , green vegetables, fresg fruits , oats , ragi , nuts in ur diet , take plenty of liquids nd watet try it hope it ll work nd increase ur breast milk ..untill it increase take help of lactogen its safe . but prefer to breast milk .take care.
Bhakti Gujjar 10 months ago

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