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Hllo moms gud morning..how r u nd babies..can any one share apple puree recipe i m giving raw apple puree but my friend s saying i should boil it first. How to make i m confused. Any one pls tell..

was asked 9 months ago 1 advice Child Care
Hey dear yes ur friend s right apple should be boiled so that baby can take easily ..i m sharing u recipe which i follow .take 1apple , cup water or formuka milk. Wash the apple under clean water.Peel-off the skin, remove the seeds, and dice the apple into small cube.Place a thick bottom pan on medium heat and put the diced apples in it.Pour water to cover the apples completely. Make sure the heat is not too high.Cover the pan with a lid and let the apple pieces cook on simmer for about 15 minutes.After 15 minutes, remove the lid and see if the apple pieces are completely tender. You should be able to insert a knife through the apple pieces.Once you feel the apple pieces are cooked, turn off the heat and remove them from the pan.Use a big spoon to mash the apples completely. Put into a blender and blend to the desired consistency. You can add water to thin the puree. U can use formula milk too ..its ready for baby. U can try it
Drishti Singh 9 months ago

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