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My son s 7 months old I m giving sooji halwa but he s not able to take it .its stick in mouth. Guys how u make sooji halwa for ur baby ..any one share their expirence or recipe too .

was asked 9 months ago 1 advice Child Care
Hey dear I think halwa which u r making s thick that's why its sticking in mouth .I m sharing my recipe once u can try it ..hope ur baby ll like..take 1 cup sooji/semolina/rawa1/2 cup sugar1 3/4 cup water2 tbsp ghee1/2 tsp cardamom, add semolina and roast on a low to medium flame until it gets browned and starts emitting an aroma.Meanwhile in a small pan or pot bring water to boil. Drop the semolina into the boiling water little by little slowly while continuously stirring. Stirring ensures there are no lump..Add water and sugar to semolina and mix together. Keep stirring until the sugar dissolves and water is absorbed fully by the rava.. Remove from heat.You can serve this sheera hot, warm or even at room temperature. If then also its seems thick add formula milk nd mix it ..it ll thin..try it
Bhakti Gujjar 9 months ago

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